Proofreading Plus

Proofreading Plus is a remote service (i.e. material will be delivered, read and marked up electronically). Errors of grammar, punctuation, spelling etc. will be corrected, and comments made on some of the larger issues, such as style, argument and structure.  I will not ‘fix’ these larger issues for you, but will make helpful suggestions and point out where you need to do more work.  I will use ‘track changes’ so that you can see where I have made alterations, and accept or reject them.

My principal aim is to help you express in clear, concise and correct English, in a style suitable for the arena for which your writing is intended, the argument you are presenting.  My service will give you confidence that your written English is not letting you down, and help you improve the clarity of your thinking and its written expression.

I work particularly with students (especially at Masters and PhD level), both native English speakers and those for whom English is not their first language, as well as with museum and art curators, start-ups and charities.  I operate a scale of fees, depending on the sector.  Download fees for students here: PROOFREADING PLUS Student Charges 2020.

Please fill in the form below if you would like further details or to request me to do some proofreading for you.

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