Proofreading and editing services

SfEP-badge-[Intermediate-Member]-NormalThe main services I offer are Proofreading Plus (conducted electronically) and one-to-one consultations.

Please complete the contact form below if you would like more details and/or you have a document you would like me to proofread.

Comments from previous and existing clients:

Thank you. This is great! My texts get so much better and still my “voice” is there. [A Portuguese Ph.D student]

You did an excellent job. Your comments and style sheet were very useful. I will definitely continue to use your services in the future and of course I will also recommend you to my colleagues. [A post-doctoral research fellow, finalising a journal submission]

I think this is a brilliant service and I would be happy to recommend it to others in whichever way I can. [An MSc student at the LSE]

Thank you for your help unravelling my spaghetti sentences. [A final-year undergraduate]

Thank you very much for your proofreading and feedback, I believe that it will be very helpful to improve my writing skills and my English. [A student mental health nurse from Brazil]

I have to thank you for all your fantastic help and support, the text looked perfect when I sent it off yesterday night at 2am. [A German student, writing up her Ph.D thesis]

You are a star! Thank you very much for the very fast return and great help with the entire thesis. [A Spanish Ph.D student]

All went very well – I submitted my thesis in June and passed my Viva in August. Thank you for all your help! I cannot begin to express my gratitude. [Another Portuguese Ph.D student]

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