A Brief History of Women in the City

In the autumn of last year I was commissioned to write a research paper on women in the City, from the Norman Conquest to 1950, during the whole of which period City women were often unseen (because not looked for). It was a fascinating, though daunting, project, & of course all I could do wasContinue reading “A Brief History of Women in the City”

My 3-minute ‘speech’ at tonight’s Farringdon Within Ward Mote

Hello, I’m Virginia Rounding, and I was previously a Councillor in this Ward from 2011 to 2017, and would now like to take up the cudgels on your behalf again. To summarise, and briefly expand on, the pledges contained in my election leaflet: If elected, I commit myself to being available and attentive to yourContinue reading “My 3-minute ‘speech’ at tonight’s Farringdon Within Ward Mote”

The value of independence in local politics

At a time when party politics can appear increasingly toxic, it is a strength of local politics in the City that the vast majority of City councillors do not operate on a party-political basis. It is vital that, on issues affecting local residents and workers, as well as stakeholders in other areas managed by theContinue reading “The value of independence in local politics”

Why I am standing in the City by-election on 24th July

I have been involved in City of London life since I first moved into a flat in Long Lane in 1997. My side of the street was then in Farringdon Without, boundary changes bringing it ‘Within’ a few years later. I subsequently moved out of the Ward, but continued to be closely involved with itContinue reading “Why I am standing in the City by-election on 24th July”

My pledges as a candidate in the City of London by-election in Farringdon Within

I will not make false or reckless promises just to get votes but, if elected, I will always be attentive to the concerns of residents and workers in the Ward and argue forcefully on their behalf for what can be achieved. I will work to make it easier for those who live and/or work inContinue reading “My pledges as a candidate in the City of London by-election in Farringdon Within”

Road safety in the City – some thoughts of a sight-impaired pedestrian

Road safety is an issue of particular concern to me as a person with a ‘hidden disability’. You wouldn’t know to look at me that I have a sight problem – and, in this, I’m one of many, judging from my fellow outpatients in the Eye Hospital’s waiting areas. But my long-term condition of glaucomaContinue reading “Road safety in the City – some thoughts of a sight-impaired pedestrian”

THE BURNING TIME Some more from the Introduction: Setting the scene

              Of the burnings which took place in England between 1529 and 1558 by far the largest number occurred in one small area of London – the area known as (West) Smithfield. Just outside the City walls though still within its bounds, not far from Newgate prison, ten minutes’ walk from both the Guildhall and StContinue reading “THE BURNING TIME Some more from the Introduction: Setting the scene”

THE BURNING TIME Introduction: Setting the scene

Anne Askew was burnt at the stake along with John Lascelles (a lawyer and Gentleman of the King’s Privy Chamber), John Hadlam (a tailor from Essex) and John Hemsley (a former Franciscan friar), on 16 July 1546. A great stage was built at Smithfield for the convenience of Chancellor Wriothesley, other members of the PrivyContinue reading “THE BURNING TIME Introduction: Setting the scene”

Life goes on…

despite the City elections.  Over the last couple of weeks, my activities as a Common Councilman have included a visit to The City Academy Hackney where I’m one of the City-elected governors. As someone with a languages background (my BA degree was in Russian Language & Literature), I take a particular interest in the teachingContinue reading “Life goes on…”