Why Party politics is best kept out of the City of London Corporation

The vast majority of the 100 Common Councilmen and 25 Aldermen who make up the City’s Court of Common Council declare themselves as ‘independent’, even if quite a few of them are signed-up members of political parties. And for the purposes of their role in the City Corporation, they are indeed independent – often fiercelyContinue reading “Why Party politics is best kept out of the City of London Corporation”

Road safety in the City – some thoughts of a sight-impaired pedestrian

Road safety is an issue of particular concern to me as a person with a ‘hidden disability’. You wouldn’t know to look at me that I have a sight problem – and, in this, I’m one of many, judging from my fellow outpatients in the Eye Hospital’s waiting areas. But my long-term condition of glaucomaContinue reading “Road safety in the City – some thoughts of a sight-impaired pedestrian”

Why vote for me in the Castle Baynard by-election?

I have a track record of achievement from my earlier period as a Councillor in the City (for the Ward of Farringdon Within from 2011 to 2017). Those achievements include: ¨      Working with fellow Common Councilman Henrika Priest (a current member for Castle Baynard) to make life better for residents in Carter Lane and itsContinue reading “Why vote for me in the Castle Baynard by-election?”

My friend Walter Mildmay

what the dead had no speech for, when living, They can tell you, being dead … [T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding] Mildmay, in the dark you look ornate but barely comprehensible, and so dead; the tokens you’ve chosen to be remembered by far less eloquent than the naked Smalpace bodies. Your heavy marble out of place amongst theContinue reading “My friend Walter Mildmay”


I was first elected to the Court of Common Council as a member for Farringdon Within in a by-election in March 2011, and was re-elected for a four-year term in March 2013. I am now seeking re-election for a further four-year term. There are 8 seats in Farringdon Within (it’s a large Ward), and 15Continue reading “ELECTION FOR 8 COMMON COUNCILMEN FOR THE WARD OF FARRINGDON WITHIN”

How to get a literary agent (or not)

I’ve just responded to an aspiring author on this topic, and thought it was worth sharing my advice (such as it is) more widely. Here’s what I told him: Here are a few thoughts based on my own experience of getting publishers/agents to be interested in my work. It’s always a struggle, as you haveContinue reading “How to get a literary agent (or not)”